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Bagdollia International is located in the municipality of Escazu in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our mission is to hand-craft BAG DOLLS unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Just what is a BAG DOLL?  Let me ask you; what do you do with all the plastic bags when you come home from the grocery or other store? Do you stuff them under the counter in your kitchen, in a drawer, cabinet, or maybe the garage? BAG DOLLS are beautiful art pieces that can hang in your kitchen, bedroom, kids room and elsewhere. They are perfect for storing all those plastic bags and you can  just grab a bag when you need one for the kids dirty clothes, a wet bathing suit or anything else. They are also perfect for storing lingerie, underwear or even pajamas. When visiting our store and purchasing, remember that each doll is a unique art piece. Therefore the clothing shown for each doll may be slightly different. However, we will faithfully stand behind each doll if you are not completely satisfied.

Rosi sewing the dolls hair and head.