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No More Plastic Bags

I was asked by a friend the other day; What’s going to happen with your dolls when there are no more plastic bags? Yes, it’s true that many cities around the country have eliminated the traditional grocery plastic bag, (they are polluting) and have supported and promoted the use of sustainable, fabric composite, bring your own reusable bags.

I guess I should have called my dolls “Bag Stuffer Dolls” instead of “Plastic, Grocery Bag Stuffer Dolls”. Here are a few facts:

  • My dolls are suitable not only for storing plastic grocery type bags, but socks, underwear, or lingerie. I’ve seen one used in a children’s / Girls room, bathroom for wash cloths, and in a garage for dust rags. My dolls are works of art, as well as functional and providing attractive storage.
  • While the typical, traditional, plastic grocery bag is being eliminated and phased out in places,(Seattle, just to name one) and even  outlawed, most stores now offer “Green Bags” for a small fee. These bags are made of a bio-degradable form of plastic. So plastic bags will be around for some time to come in some form or fashion.
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Bagdollia Plastic Bag Holder Dolls

What do you do with all the plastic bags when you are done shopping?

Bags on counter-E

Grocery Bags


Where shall we put them?

Bagdollia Lori Bag Doll

Inside a Bag Doll

Bagdollia Bag Dolls

A bag when you need one!

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New Collection

Plastic Bag Holder Dolls

Doll Making

 My New Collection of Bagdollia, Plastic Bag Holder Dolls

I have many beautiful new dolls finished and waiting to be put online, in addition to the ones already posted. Also, since we have had so many requests for my dolls we are beginning some limited, mass production of my designs that should be available for the holiday season this year. However the dolls I make by my own hands will be part of my Signature Collection. Each one can take anywhere from 6 to 7 hours to make since I often experiment as I go when making the dresses. This is true also when I am designing each dolls face and hair. Sometimes I wait for some inspiration or emotion to decide how each doll will be born, which can take even more time. I am told that my dolls is a work of art and should sell for considerably more that what they are selling them for now.

I am inspired by my beautiful, peaceful country and my family. But I welcome ideas for new doll personalities so, please let me hear from you if you like my dolls and if you would like me to make a special doll for you.

Do you have a request?

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Plastic Bag Holder Dolls, welcome to Bagdollia!

Rosi Conejo

Rosi Conejo

Welcome to Bagdollia. I am happy that you are visiting us here. I am enjoying making new plastic bag holder dolls. These grocery bag holder dolls are very special to me. Please visit the store and tell me whcih dolls you like and why. What do you do with all the plastic bags when you return from the grocery store? Do you put then under your counter in a cabinet, that is what we used to do. Then I met a lovely woman named Katherine and she made a very sinple  clown plastic bag holder doll. At the same time I realized I had grocery bags stuffed in practically every cabinette and drawer in my kitchen, not to mention in my garage and hall closet.

It’s a good idea to recycle your bags, in fact many grocery stores have recepticles for you to return bags to be recycled. However we use plastic grocery bags often. For a wet bathing suite, or to clean up a little mess. There are just so many times that I go to my “bag holder” doll in the kitchen and grab one. If you save your bags for a particular purpose other than what I mentioned plase let me know. And tell me if you like the idea of our plastic bag holder dolls.

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