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New Collection

Plastic Bag Holder Dolls

Doll Making

 My New Collection of Bagdollia, Plastic Bag Holder Dolls

I have many beautiful new dolls finished and waiting to be put online, in addition to the ones already posted. Also, since we have had so many requests for my dolls we are beginning some limited, mass production of my designs that should be available for the holiday season this year. However the dolls I make by my own hands will be part of my Signature Collection. Each one can take anywhere from 6 to 7 hours to make since I often experiment as I go when making the dresses. This is true also when I am designing each dolls face and hair. Sometimes I wait for some inspiration or emotion to decide how each doll will be born, which can take even more time. I am told that my dolls is a work of art and should sell for considerably more that what they are selling them for now.

I am inspired by my beautiful, peaceful country and my family. But I welcome ideas for new doll personalities so, please let me hear from you if you like my dolls and if you would like me to make a special doll for you.

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